Vendor Measurement for Success
Dec 13, 2016
Publisher: SCMA


Are you part of a key vendor/supplier relationship struggling to work together to produce quality results? The collaboration of several parties is a critical factor when it comes to a successful supply chain management team. Both you and your vendor must view each other as critical to your mutual success.

In Vendor Management for Success, Louis Girard will present the strategies and examples you will need to ensure your company is operating at its highest partnership level. You will sign off with a new understanding of the characteristics of a high performing supply chain vendor partner that will allow your relationship to reach its full potential.

Participants will be introduced to different supply chain strategies that successful companies use to improve operations, via key vendors and elevate vendor relations to a whole new level and maximize the bottom line.

Learning Objectives

  1. Supply chain management and knowledge of where your vendors fit in.
  2. Recognizing which vendors are “critical to your success”.
  3. Identifying which vendors are high performers on your behalf with a “future”.
  4. Identifying which vendors have potential to contribute opportunities for you to improve.
  5. Engaging vendors to provide mutually agreed KPIs monthly to you.
  6. Engaging vendors to supply you with opportunities to improve.
  7. Recognizing and rewarding exceptional compliance by a vendor.
  8. Building on success and engaging future vendors in the process

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