Contract Strategy Best Practice
Dec 13, 2016
Publisher: SCMA


It is common for supply chain professionals to experience – and sometimes facilitate – the development of contracts that do not benefit from a good strategy. Under these circumstances, the contract typically has a poor description of it’s subject and/or inappropriate risk allocation. The results are often schedule delays and cost overruns, disagreements among parties – and in some unfortunate cases, litigation.

In Contract Strategy Best Practice, Richard Venerus will bring to light and explore methodology and practical tools to support the development of optimal situation-specific contracting strategies. Participants will be sure to leave feeling better equipped to develop smarter contracts.

Learning Outcome

After attending this Webinar, you’ll be better equipped to develop smarter contracts.

  • Determining a framework for assessing contracting situations
  • Determining a method for Drafting and Allocating a Scope
  • Explaining the tools for Risk Assessment/Management
  • Models for defining compensation

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