Remaining Assertive When Things Get Difficult
Dec 13, 2016
Publisher: SCMA


By definition, an assertive individual is one that behaves confidently and is not frightened to say what they want or believe. This trait can often be seen in a negative light, however it is a characteristic found in successful individuals and is important for getting through difficult situations.

Remaining Assertive When Things Get Difficult, will provide you with a framework for assertive behaviour that you can rely on when things go awry. You will gain an understanding of the changes that happen for you, and also assess when those things happen to the individuals with whom you are interacting. Instructor Simon Brown will provide you with both a template and a framework, as well as a checklist for how to practically become more assertive.

Learning Objectives

  1. Breaking assertive behaviour into its constituent elements
  2. Hearing and providing a range of examples for assertive and non-assertive behaviour
  3. Explaining what happens internally to reduce assertive behaviour
  4. Gaining a templated list of the internal experience

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