Innovating Beyond Conventional Contracts
Apr 20, 2017
Publisher: SCMA


Our common law legal system is based on the adversarial model.  Parties represented by lawyers make arguments to "win" a case.  And lawyers apply the same competitive approach to contracts, including those in the supply chain.  The results are contracts that mitigate risk, but with negative consequences like:  "unfair" risk allocations, overly protectionist legal provisions -- and resource consuming negotiations that erode trust, damage relationships and leak value.

However, there are some new types of contract – and a new, more collaborative form of contracting process – that can produce more positive results such as: shared risk-reward, stronger more collaborative relationships that are primed to create value -- and less conflict in general.

Learning Outcomes

These contracts include: New Engineering (NEC3) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Alliance Agreements.

This unique webinar will:

  • review key features of each of these new, innovative contract types;
  • explain how they are uniquely structured to create value;
  • show how and when you can use them to maximize benefits.

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