Leadership in Procurement
Apr 20, 2017
Publisher: SCMA


Beyond the technical skills supply chain professionals obtain as they advance in their career there is one essential soft skill that is hard to define and is even harder to develop; and that is leadership skills. This skill is so difficult to define because leadership means different things to many people.

And so questions need to be answered such as: “What does leadership mean in procurement?” or “How do I learn to be a leader?” or “What is self-leadership?” This webinar, from the point of view of a senior leader, Kathy Simon, will provide participants with useful insights into leadership expectations, advancement options and hands-on tips to develop leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • What the key traits are of a strong supply chain leader
  • How to draft a leadership development plan
  • Turning corporate culture into an advancement advantage
  • How to navigate office politics to your advantage
  • How to stand out from the pool of available talents of supply chain professionals

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