Reasons for Supplier Prequalification Failure
Apr 20, 2017
Publisher: SCMA


Driven by global and regional economic development, strategic management of the supply chain continues gaining attention as a contributor to competitive advantage. In today’s marketplace, competition has moved from “among organizations” to “between supply chains”. As companies increase their dependence on their suppliers so does their risk exposure. As a result, supplier selection and management are a strategic necessity for organizations, and prequalification programs have become a cornerstone of supply chain risk management.

This webinar will cover the strategic importance of implementing Supply Chain Prequalification and Monitoring programs, how they relate to the organization’s strategic goals as well as the main reasons why these programs fail. The content will be based on best practices utilized by manufacturing industry leaders in crafting and deploying their programs at provincial, national and global scales.

Leaning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  1. How supplier selection and monitoring contributes to corporate risk management.
  2. How prequalification impacts the firm’s competitive advantage.
  3. Common pitfalls of supplier prequalification and monitoring programs.
  4. How to avoid common program failures.

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