Trade Treaties Post US Election
Feb 15, 2017
Publisher: SCMA

Course Description

Concerns on the future of Canada’s trade treaties have been heightened since the US election results last November. In particular, the challenge to the existence of NAFTA has been subject to intense hyperbole and some debate.

Although isolated from direct effects on the new President-elect of the US, the CETA trade agreement faces new adversities as European members see a resurgence of options in preserving national interests.

Lastly, the outlook for TPP looks gloomy if the pre- and post-election declarations of the new US President-elect are executed.

This webinar will explore the potential impact from a procurement perspective with the new US Administration on Canada’s major trade treaty programs: NAFTA, CETA and TPP.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn about:

  • History of NAFTA
  • How NAFTA can be scrapped
  • What is CETA
  • Negotiations in the signing of CETA
  • How does the US election influence CETA
  • Why Canada needs CETA
  • Future of TPP

About the Facilitator

Eddy Jin, former Director of Procurement at the University of Toronto (UofT), has been building strategic transformations for over 20 years using innovative business approaches. He has implemented leading-edge legal formats such as the Negotiable RFP and led the development of UofT’s award-winning eProcurement solution, UShop. These transformative inroads have influenced the dramatic changes taking place in public procurement and represent a paradigm shift in how the procurement function can deliver value to their institutions. He was recognized for his innovations in 2012 winning both the Leadership in Public Procurement Award from the Canadian Public Procurement Council and the National Quality and Productivity Award from the Canadian Association of University Business Officers. He has delivered seminars across a broad range of topics in procurement ranging from tendering, eProcurement, market intelligence, total cost of ownership to innovation procurement. He has been on faculty of the Osgoode Hall Professional Development Program since 2010 providing instruction in both the Public Procurement Law and Practise and the Advance Public Procurement Law and Practise certificate programs. Additionally, he is the program developer and instructor for MERX’s ( Procurement Training Program.

As a procurement consultant and instructor, Eddy brings a unique perspective to his services; he’s done it. As a practitioner, he understands that procurement does not operate at the 10,000 foot level - it works in the trenches. This means that his advice goes beyond theory. It’s about matching best practises to the culture of each organization. Many projects fail when outsourced because there isn’t a proper alignment of solutions to organizational nuances. Does the organization have the right skills in their current staff? Are the proper stakeholders involved
with the building of the solutions? Some of the many perspectives that help deliver more effective learning and outcomes.

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