Practical Tips on Building a Contract Strategy
Jun 28, 2017
Publisher: SCMA

While there are many lawyer-delivered learning opportunities that may provide highly technical (and often theoretical) information about risk mitigation and the impact of recent case law and/or changes in regulations, there are comparatively few that focus on practical advice for developing a fit-for-purpose procurement contracting strategy.

RV & Associates (RVA's) Practical Procurement™ webinar on Contract Strategy Design offers participants an opportunity to increase their ability to develop contracting strategies -- as well as achieve an increased measure of independence from reliance on contracting specialists.  Specifically, by attending this webinar, participants shall be able to:

  • Explain the relationship between business strategy, procurement strategy and contracting strategy;
  • Use a Design Approach to effectively capture strategy input and document them into contract forms;
  • Select and articulate the most appropriate contract type for a given procurement action;
  • Confidently create more effective contracts -- and also generate improved negotiation outcomes.

Taken further and skillfully applied, the concepts from this webinar can enable you to help your organization create a more efficient contracting process that will conserve scarce contracting resources and to ensure that business value is protected when it is most needed.

About the Facilitator:

Richard Venerus is the principal of RV & Associates (RVA) -- a procurement consultancy specialized in supporting and improving the performance of strategic sourcing and contracting functions in private and public sector organizations.  RVA's practice relies on Richard's 15 years of combined experience as a procurement and contracting expert, project leader and procurement counsel.  Richard is supported in projects by a team of similarly-skilled procurement and contracts experts.  Richard is a qualified lawyer and holds an MBA, as well as a B.Comm (Economics).  He is also certified as a Project Management, Change Manager and has received training in Constructrion Contract Administration as well as in Adult Education.  Richard iis a national instructor for the Supply Chain Management Association, the de facto standard for SCM training in Canada.

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