Contract Life-cycle Management - A digital approach to managing your contracts
Dec 4, 2019

Webinar: Contract Life-cycle Management – A Digital Approach to Managing Your Contracts

Contract life-cycle management (CLM) is a critical function of any organization in the context of expanding business relationships, and managing both risks and the negotiated commercial value. Challenges vary from organization to organization and can include a lack of standard templates and central contract repository, high exposure to contract risk and low contract compliance. 

Technology is an enabler to business processes; there are many CLM solutions that offer the standard tool set and are already innovating in cognitive and artificial intelligence capability.

Before an organization jumps on the digital band wagon, it is important to get the basics right, by first developing a digital roadmap and assessing the ROI.

In this webinar from KPMG, we will examine how some organizations have tackled these challenges with the support of technology.


Mimi Vu is a senior manager with KPMG Canada. She works with organizations to get the most out of their procurement operations across the sourcing, contract management and purchasing process. She has over 15 years of strategic procurement and process-improvement experience in industry and management consulting.  
Grant van Rensburg is also a senior manager with KPMG Canada. He specializes in procurement transformation and e-procurement enablement, with over 10 years’ experience in category management and helping organizations maximize efficiencies throughout the source-to-pay process.  
Jamie Wodetzki is VP, Contract Strategy at Coupa Software, where he is part of the product strategy and innovation team. As a co-founder of Exari Systems – which Coupa acquired in 2019 – Jamie has spent 20 years delivering automated legal solutions to large global companies, including contract management, smart contract creation, and AI-based contract analysis. He is a recovering attorney (LLB, Melbourne) with experience spanning large law firms, copyright advocacy, and legal publishing.  

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